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La boîte à resorts, France

France (EU)

  • La boîte à resorts, France
      • Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
  • Sat., 01.10.2022

Organisation: We are a group of three artistic non-profit organizations around a project named “BREATHS”. La boîte à resorts manages the organization and the finances of the project, Témoi Company manages contemporary dance creation, La Maison des Calligraphies manages graphic and digital creation.
They have experiences with Erasmus+ projects.

Project: We want to involve artistic partners to mix contemporary dance, graphism and numeric art. Starting from a creation named “Breaths”, we would like to share it, present it and meet dancers, graphists or numeric artists who would like to mix those arts for their own creation.
As we are rural organizations, we pay special attention to ensure the inclusion, and of public who find itself far from culture access. The deliverable of the project will be an artistic traveling show and an event (festival, workshops for professional, workshops for different publics) to support artist and organizations to promote their work.

Partners currently involved in the project:
LA BOITE A RESSORTS, project management
DANCE COMPANY T’EMOI, dance and contemporary music.
THE HOUSE OF WORLD’S CALLIGRAPHIES, graphic, poetic and numeric creation

Contact Bernard Vanmalle
La boîte à resorts
E:, T: +33685766226