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Greek Center of Art and Culture, Greece

Greece (EU)

  • Greek Center of Art and Culture, Greece
      • Interdisciplinary Projects
  • Mon., 31.05.2021

Greek Center of Art and Culture was created in 2000 as a non-profit association. It is based in Koropi, Attica but is active throughout Greece.

Our vision for 20 years now is the research, recording and promotion of issues of cultural heritage, arts, environment, the promotion of historical and cultural elements of the Mediterranean region, while at the same time ensuring the dissemination of local history of the area.

We try to connect the history of the region with nature and education by organizing Conferences, Events with current issues, tributes to prominent people of the region, concerts, exhibitions, Book Publications-cd-dvd (History-Folklore-Art-Hygiene Nutrition, etc.), implement Educational Programs, and saved (by digitizing) authentic local history material.
We also organize Cultural Tours in order to inform on issues of cultural heritage, archaeological monuments, museums, Byzantine temples, nature, wetlands, mills-watermills, olive mills but also entertainment.

You can enjoy and learn about the past through our exhibitions

  • Photo exhibition referring to agricultural occupations, old professions, women’s occupations, costumes, architecture, entertainment, Mediterranean festivals
  • Exhibition of Agricultural Tools for the cultivation of the vine
  • Exhibition of household utensils
  • Old furniture

The last years we have been involved in the mines of Greece. Research, recording, rescue and dissemination of the history of the mines of NA. Attica. Also we have held workshops-presentations in the areas where the most important mines existed.

We collaborate with Municipalities of Attica (Koropi-Paiania-Markopoulo-Spata-Kalivia-Keratea-Lavrio-Rafina), Municipalities of Greek islands, Peloponnese Region, Evoia, with cultural associations, with schools and other organizations.

Contact: Vaso Kiousi, E: