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The Fourth Dimension Foundation, Poland

Poland (EU)

  • The Fourth Dimension Foundation, Poland
      • Visual Arts
  • Wed., 30.06.2021

The Fourth Dimension Foundation (Fundacja Czwarty Wymiar) is a non-governmental organization, from Bialystok, Poland, dedicated to promoting culture, education and art. They are focused on cultural projects connected to photography, movies and visual arts. Their latest project “Don’t let yourself be forgotten” – a series of photographs in the style of coffin portrait, tried to awaken almost completely forgotten artistic tradition.

Together with the “Red Maple” company, they are searching for the project lead and partners with the aim to submit a project in the field of visual arts. In the project #Madonna they would like to create a series of portrait photographs inspired by the images of Madonna, as they appear in the history of art and pop culture. They are looking forward to cooperate with other European partners in the area of scenography, make-up, costumes and specialists in art history etc. they are looking for a lead partner, who could include this idea in their more complex project.

Contact: Marcin Idźkowski, Idź