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Art & Design Institut, Czech Republic

Czech Republic (EU)

  • Art & Design Institut, Czech Republic
      • Visual Arts
  • Wed., 30.11.2022

Organization: ART & DESIGN INSTITUT is a first private college of the fine art in the Czech Republic. ADI connects the classical fine art, modern art and the practice. ADI not only educates professional artists with a narrow focus and one specialization; the goal is to educate persons with a noticeable overlap within different artistic expressions. The graduate of this school would be able to earn his/her living in the art market or in the creative industry. The value of this concept could be highlighted by the fact that long-time university teachers, all in addition active creative artists, helped to create it. ADI’s student can enrol in two creative discipline which are mutually interwoven. Further on, students study theoretical subjects which would help them to sell their work (marketing, leasing, advertising, psychology of art…). This is in the deepest interest of artists, to focus not only in the sphere of production, but also its in subsequent application. For a work of art, to fulfil its mission, it must be the bearer, inspirer, testimony – between the creator and the recipient – only then has its meaning and justification. Further on, the students, during their education, must compulsory gain the experience in the art practice. Therefore, the graduate would be a creative person, confidently earning his/her living via art.

We are looking for partners for a creative project in the field of visual arts and art theory. We are open to projects in the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation and cultural exchange. ADI has many students from different countries of the world who are active in the arts. Our professors are renowned educators and have experience as artists, curators, theorists, designers, graphic artists. We are looking for partners for possible cooperation in the framework of an art exhibition, artistic processing of a publication, an art competition, an art fair, etc.

Contact: MgA. Veronika Králíčková, Head of international cooperation
T: +420 731 50 20 50, E:, W: