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Arran del Cel, Spain

Spain (EU)

  • Arran del Cel, Spain
      • Architecture, Design and Applied Arts
  • Sat., 01.05.2021

Aims and activities of organization: Participatory projects, co-creation activities, site specific art, multilingual events, experience design, interactive systems, performance interventions…

Project: CO-EXPERIENCE seeks to create a collaborative network with the active participation of different cultural agents based on the needs, uses, dynamics, flows and behaviors in public spaces.
The main objective is to generate design solutions through interventions and urban furniture that contemplate 3 central axes: sustainable design, design and social innovation and experience design. Performance mediations will be carried out during the stage of receiving the interventions. An online platform will accompany all stages of the project, enabling the dissemination of actions and citizen participation in collective decisions.

Contact: Fernanda Gomes, E:, T: +34691464805
Associació Cultural Arran Del Cel
Business Name: Fabric-Acciones Creativas (Creative Actions)
W: (only in Spanish)