POU Varaždin, Croatia

11.10.2019, Cooperation projects / Film and Audiovisual Projects
Reply by Friday, October 25 2019
Public Open University Varazdin is searching for partners who operate relevant multi-functional spaces already used for various public functions and cultural events (i.e. spaces used for screening films, theatre performances, concerts, etc.) and are aiming to upgrade or adapt these spaces via new business models, digital tools, new equipment.

Zis Art Center, Armenia

11.10.2019, Cooperation projects / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
Reply by Friday, November 1 2019
Zis Art Center is looking for European partners for the project on theater development and open-air installations in rural regions. Their goal is to support theaters and the actors of the places outside of the capital cities, take the theatrical art out of the 4-walls of the buildings, as well as recycle waste into theatrical decorations.

The Danish Arts Council, Denmark

3.09.2019, Cooperation projects / Interdisciplinary Projects
Reply by Tuesday, October 1 2019
The Danish Arts Council is looking for partners from France, Spain and Italy, i.e. organizations with an interest in and connections to the area of art-education. They are looking for schools with an artistic profile or focus and schoolteachers who are interested in participating in the workshops.

Fundación Ibercaja, Spain

3.09.2019, Cooperation projects / Visual Arts
Reply by Tuesday, October 1 2019
Fundación Ibercaja (Spanish Foundation) would like to participate in a project as a partner. They are interested in working on the audience development (through Virtual Reality) and promotion of art and painting among children and young audiences.

Iniciativa Fór_um/Velvet Carnival, Czech Republic

5.08.2019, Cooperation projects / Interdisciplinary Projects
Reply by Monday, September 2 2019
Iniciativa Fór_um/Velvet Carnival is searching for a cooperation project consisting of festivals/carnivals, which aim at bringing together various professional, social and, age groups and which strive to reflect pressing political/social issues, ideally through satire and art. They are interested in artist exchanges (various art forms – visual arts and music) and youth target groups (elementary–high-school).

Azarte, Spain

5.08.2019, Cooperation projects / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
Reply by Monday, September 2 2019
Azarte is looking for performance venues, cultural centres, training centres, universities, festivals, networks/associations of cultural sector professionals … willing either to co-develop or to test and use the CULTPLAT platform to organize productions, share professional profiles of artists and other participants, or participate in capacitation, networking and demonstration activities.