“Ukraine” TV channel

5.11.2019, Cooperation projects / Film and Audiovisual Projects
Reply by Sunday, December 1 2019
“Ukraine” TV channel is the biggest and the most successful TV Network in Ukraine that produces more than 500 hours of prime time TV series per year. They are interested in cooperating with partners, esp. from Central and Eastern Europe.

Serbian Literary Society

5.11.2019, Cooperation projects / Books and Reading / Literary Translation
Reply by Friday, November 22 2019
Serbian Literary Society is looking for partners (NGOs, operating in culture; publishing houses) to cooperate on a project that includes in-depth research of reading / non-reading that aims to discover reasons why do people read or do not read and to set a strategy for widening of literary audience and deepening of its reading experience.

CEPAM, Portugal

28.10.2019, Cooperation projects (small) / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
Reply by Friday, November 8 2019
Conservatório - Escola das Artes Engº Luiz Peter Clode (CEPAM) is looking for partners, e.g. schools or institutions promoting educational concerts with orchestra from preferably Spain, Greece, Italy, Malta, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, France, Netherland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, to cooperate in the project I COM - Involving Children in Orchestral Music.

Active For Culture, Georgia

28.10.2019, Cooperation projects / Multimedia and New Technologies
Reply by Friday, November 8 2019
NNLE Active for Culture is looking for partners, e.g. digital and new media platforms, research institutions, art centers, educational platforms, to cooperate in a project related to the development of capacity for the new media artists, institutions and audiences.

Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Greece

28.10.2019, Cooperation projects / Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
Reply by Friday, November 8 2019
Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Greece’s foremost cultural festival and one of the oldest performing arts festivals in Europe (1955), is interested in collaborating with other partners in projects that promote theatre, dance, music, opera, street art and tangible (historical sites and buildings) and intangible cultural elements.

Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

21.10.2019, Cooperation projects / Visual Arts
Reply by Wednesday, November 20 2019
Library & Service of Information, Digitization and Archive Management of the Cyprus University of Technology is interested in collaborating mostly with partners from countries with high refugees acceptance rates since they want to study how children express their experiences as refugees through art.

Fundatia9, Romania

21.10.2019, Cooperation projects / Interdisciplinary Projects
Reply by Friday, November 15 2019
Foundation9 NGO supports is interested in becoming partner in project implemented in the fields of arts and culture, arts and technology, visual arts, theatre and performing arts, capacity building, cultural education, and audience development.