Creative Europe Desks


For questions, assistance related to the programme and help cooperating with organisations in other countries, Creative Europe Desks are in place in every participating country.

MOTOVILA hosts Creative Europe Desk Slovenia (CED Slovenia), the national contact point for Creative Europe. Activities implemented by CED Slovenia are supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) as well as the Directorate General for the Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) of the European Commission.

Creative Europe Desks are designed to:

  • provide information about and promote the Creative Europe programme in their country;
  • assist the cultural and creative sectors in relation to the programme and provide basic information on other support opportunities;
  • stimulate cross-border cooperation within the cultural and creative sectors;
  • provide assistance regarding the cultural and creative sectors in participating countries;
  • support the Commission in ensuring proper communication and dissemination of the results and impacts of the programme;
  • ensure the communication and dissemination of information concerning funding awarded to and results in a participating country.

Contact the Creative Europe Desk in your country.