Grčija (EU)


Culture Select

10. maja 2023

Culture Select is interested to participate in a cooperation project as a partner or an associate partner, in the fields of performing arts (dance, music, acting), cultural heritage and arts and technology. Culture Select is a non-profit organisation, listed in Forbes 30Under30 in Arts & Culture in Europe 2023, with a mission to support creative and innovative […]



22. februarja 2023

The Greek non-profit organisation Eupragia is interested to participate as project partner either in small or in medium European Cooperation Projects calls. They are looking for projects in culture –education, theater-arts and sports, social theater- theater of the oppressed, non authoritarian training of adults, performance creation, theater in education, music in education. EUPRAGIA is an […]


Otan Publications, Grčija

5. aprila 2022

They are looking for partners in the field of literature, preferably book publishers.


Municipality of Oraiokastro, Grčija

1. marca 2022

Municipality of Oraiokastro is looking for projects that deal with local cultural associations and teenagers or and children getting in touch with culture in modern ways.


Still Pilgrim Paradox, Grčija

25. februarja 2022

Still Pilgrim Paradox would like to join a cooperation project as a partner in the fields of contemporary dance/performative arts/education.


Milia of Folk Tradition and Contemporary Art Nonprofit, Grčija

25. februarja 2022

The Milia of Folk Tradition and Contemporary Art Nonprofit Organization is interested in joining projects related to narration – storytelling, puppet theatre, theatre, music, cultural heritage and cinema.


ARTENS, Grčija

25. junija 2021

ARENS, a non-profit organization from Greece, is searching for partners from Austria, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland to organize cultural seminars and festivals aiming at the development of arts through intercultural cooperation.


Quo Vadis dance company, Grčija

27. aprila 2021

Quo Vadis dance company, a Small non profit association from Greece. The association is looking for dance companies, performing arts, similar organizations / institutions whose practice is based on the development of performing arts. The aim of the proposed project is to collaborate for a research on performing arts and its purpose is to search for the main sources of dance that are similar and responsible for connecting this artform with artists and audiences, worldwide.


Olympolis Art Project, Grčija

13. aprila 2021

Olympolis Art Project is looking for partners from Central and East Europe in order to realise a project in the fields of performing arts, intangible cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology, sustainability, gastronomy, cultural travel and experiences, audience development, social cohesion.


THEAMA, Grčija

2. aprila 2021

THEAMA is open to participate as partner to any Creative Europe project that tackles issues of equal, inclusive and accessible approach for all social groups, particular disadvantaged and marginalized. THEAMA is experienced in the Creative Europe programme.