Češka republika (EU)


Make More

15. decembra 2023

The mission of Make More is to provide access to creation and technology for the general public. They would like to cooperate as partners in a small scale cooperation projects. Organization: Make More and FabLab Brno won the bid for organizing the largest international conference of FabLab community from all over the world – FAB2025 in […]



6. oktobra 2023

Haenke is looking for partners from design, visual arts, music, architecture, biodiversity and urban studies to cooperate in a project “Free Radicals”. This is a proposal for a hybrid collaborative toolkit for individuals and institutions within the creative and cultural sector designed to enhance their understanding of plant biodiversity in their practice. They create public […]


Art & Design Institut, Češka

10. avgusta 2022

Czech Art and Design Institut (ADI) is looking for partners in the field of visual arts and art theory to join a cooperation project. They are open to projects in the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation and cultural exchange. ADI has many students from different countries of the world who are active in the arts. Their professors are renowned educators and have experience as artists, curators, theorists, designers, graphic artists.