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Otan Publications, Grčija

Grčija (EU)

  • Otan Publications, Grčija
      • Knjiga in prevodni projekti
  • Sat., 30.04.2022

Otan Publications follows on from a forty-year-old journey of its editor Grigoris Plastaras on the Greek book scene.
A plethora of books and published texts are published based on what market logic states. However, our focus is to select books applying our own personal quality criteria: we wish to give new literary writers the opportunity and the voice to showcase their hard intellectual work and therefore we do not base our selection on marketability but on whether we can create an intellectually and literarily high-quality publishing event.

Project proposal includes two main activities:
1. Translation and circulation of works of modern Greek literature from Greek to some of the most spoken languages (English, Spanish, Italian, French, German).
2. Translation and circulation into Greek of works from less spoken languages with a preference from a country from the Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia) and Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Esthonia, Latvia, Lithuania etc).

Further information here (docx).