Homeworld Kft, Madžarska

27.05.2021, Projekti sodelovanja / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do petek, 31. december 2021
Homeworld is dealing with digitization of 20th century documents, newspapers, articles etc. thus enabling this huge database to be available for the general public. They would be interested in being a partner to organizations, especially from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Poland, in projects focusing on cultural heritage.

The aim of our project is to publish a twentieth-century historical background in the light of the current press, to present it in an age-appropriate way.
Our project is not only a media interface, our offline activities are also active, such as: historical quiz, QUIZ games and unusual history lessons. Our further goal is to get into the bloodstream of digital education by interweaving the everyday life of online and offline education.
Our organization believes the project will help with offline and digital education. Color and expand the pedagogical tools and add topics to get to know our history as well as possible.

Contact: István Mihalcsik, mihalcsik.istvan@huszadikszazad.hu, +36309608271
Homeworld Kft. (Homeworld Ltd.), Hungary
www.homeworld.hu; www.huszadikszazad.hu