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AZRRI, Hrvaška

Hrvaška (EU)

  • AZRRI, Hrvaška
      • Kulturna dediščina
  • Sat., 31.12.2022

AZRRI is a regional development agency founded by the Istrian County with a purpose of joining public and private sectors, prepare and implement projects and coordinate production-wise into rural areas. The main activities are focused on linking subjects coexisting in rural areas (citizens, local authorities, experts, research, governmental institutions and offices). AZRRI supports and coordinates development programmes vital for keeping the rural areas lively and improve the quality of life of the rural population, joining the primary agricultural production, local transformation process and services sector into business clusters. AZRRI has a long and wide experience in the sector of autochthon products especially with autochthon Istrian breeds like Istrian Cattle, Istrian Sheep, Istrian donkey, Istrian goat and also in the promotion, protection and valorisation of the regional, typical, autochthon, added value food/products.

Project proposal: Our priorities to work on the possible project funded by the Creative Europe are concerning the story of Istrian autochthonous cattle – Boškarin and his significance to the Istrian past, presence and future (to safeguard endangered heritage). We want to raise awareness through Local Heritage Digital Hubs, where will be designed creative solutions which will convey the story to next generations but also create a worthy chest of memories, tradition, customs, stories but also smells and tastes of Istrian peninsula. This project will gather artists, professionals and players from the cultural and creative sector in order to reuse the Istrian cultural heritage and to promote and disseminate its values. Through this kind of project, we want connect the tradition, culture and experts from cultural and creative sector and create content, illustrations, design, arts that will be in relationship with audience and to create a unique memorable story. The aim of this project is to create a responsible tourism by mobilising young artists in safeguarding the traditional cultural heritage regarding the specific points that need to be highlighted in each project country, which will have the final result in creating job opportunities but also to create new creative products and services.

Further information here (docx).