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The agency of artists in exile, Francija

Francija (EU)

  • The agency of artists in exile, Francija
      • Interdisciplinarni projekti
  • Wed., 31.03.2021

Organization: The mission of the agency of artists in exile (aa-e) is to identify artists in exile from all origins and all disciplines, to support them according to their situation and needs, to provide them with a work space and to connect them with art professionals. The aa-e runs a 1000 m2 space in the heart of Paris, which includes shared ateliers for visual artists, performing arts rehearsals studios, music studios, an editing room and a classroom. The aa-e also organises a multidisciplinary festival called Visions of Exile in collaboration with cultural institutions in France.

Project: We are looking to build a laboratory together with partners on the topic of professional integration of artists in exile in the European creative and cultural sector. With In Ex(ile) lab, we would like to experiment both transdisciplinary integration paths for artists in exile and innovative participation and collaboration models to safeguard and foster diversity in cultural institutions. The objective is to determine how artists in exile can develop and strengthen their capacities in the search of professional opportunities, which will allow them to live from their work and favour their emancipation as individuals.

Another objective is to reflect on how cultural spaces can champion diversity, invent new territories of creation and emancipation in a rapidly changing environment and a post-colonial age.

For this project, we are eager to collaborate with cultural organisations that intend to address, or have already addressed diversity and migration issues in their projects.

Contact: Aura Burzynski, in charge of cooperation projects
The agency of artists in exile
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