Portugal (EU)

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ESCS – School of Communication and Media studies

March 10, 2023

ESCS – Escola Superior de Comunicação Social/ School of Communication and Media studies (ESCS is an organic unit of a larger higher education institution –  Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa /Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, therefore in terms of application this is the partner entity and the responsible for legal and financial issues, however the real project […]

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Via Urbana, Portugal

March 1, 2022

Via Urbana is looking for organizations that involve young people in situations of social exclusion, organizations that work with art and hip hop culture, organizations linked to music and dance, cultural spaces and/or organizations, organizations that work with art, technology and multimedia.

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Gato Escaldado Teatro, Portugal

February 3, 2022

Gato Escaldado Teatro´s main objective is to bring pertinent and innovative performances to adults and children all over the country contributing to culturally develop local communities. The company aims to bring new audiences into theatres and introduce young artists to the public. Open to join projects as partners.

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Gato Escaldado, Portugal

February 3, 2022

Gato Escaldado | Arte Sonoro – with a long-standing experience in the music industry wants to involve the musical sectors and musical artists in a dialogue and collaboration to expand their knowledge, create synergies and develop new, fresh and creative ways to share and spread artist`s work – from bands to luthiers, from labels to promoters. The deliverable of the project will be the e-learning program (includes master class, workbooks, videos, training….) and an event (festival, conferences, others) to support artist and organizations to promote their work.

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Estufa – Plataforma Cultural, Portugal

January 28, 2022

Estufa – Plataforma Cultural, a non-profit NGO wants to develop a project tackling performing arts, culture heritage and art education; looking for partners in all Creative Europe participating countries, special interest for entities operating in low population density territories.

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Foco Musical Portugal

April 13, 2021

Foco Musical Portugal is exclusively dedicated to the development of young audiences for the erudite music. They aim to set up an Erudite Music Festival, with a formative character, which includes presentations of orchestral concerts, opera recitals and chamber music sessions. Foco Musical Portugal is looking for partners in related fields for a middle scale cooperation project.