Hungary (EU)

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Kolorádó Fesztivál

July 15, 2024

Hungary based Kolorádó Fesztivál is looking to participate in small/medium/large scale cooperation projects as a partner. They are open to team up with partners based in any Creative Europe country. They are looking for partners with expertise in the field of music and performing arts, contemporary dance, environmental and sustainable practices, interdisciplinary and experimental arts. […]

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Hybridart Management

October 10, 2023

Hybridart Management is looking for partners in medium scale cooperation projects as a project leader. They are open to team up with art projects that have a sustainability focus from all participating countries and  from the fileds of performing and visual arts, contemporary art, cultural heritage, sustainability and education. The aim of the proposed L.A.K.E. […]

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Laterna Magica, Hungary

March 1, 2022

Laterna Magica is looking for partners to participate in their project “Re:discover” to cooperate in the fields of design, applied arts, artistic crafts, intangible cultural heritage.

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Homeworld, Hungary

May 27, 2021

Homeworld is dealing with digitization of 20th century documents, newspapers, articles etc. thus enabling this huge database to be available for the general public. They would be interested in being a partner to organizations, especially from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Poland, in projects focusing on cultural heritage.