Story Time

Under the joint title of IN/ON THE WAY / NA-POTI, several activities on the theme of migration, refugees, people’s personal stories and experiences, will take place this September and October at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška (KGLU).

Priložnosti · September 15, 2017

The activities are focused on the theme of migration, refugees, people’s personal stories and experiences as well as on their consequences for both the political and economic image of Europe and the mental framework of the people and the citizens of Europe.


Story Time emphasises the significance of knowing the cultural histories of various nations and milieus, for it is precisely this knowledge that represents the first common point on the way towards understanding other cultures arriving in Europe with migratory flows.

The invited artists – Nika Autor, Vesna Bukovec, Nadine Kaadan, Jure Markota, Jalal Maghout in ŠKART – will reinterpret cultural histories and cultural contexts from both European and Arabic worlds. They will emphasise questions related to postulates such as humanity, peace, war, good and evil, and, at the same time, they will interrogate the role of the individual and thus also the individual’s responsibility towards fellow human beings.

The invited artists will convene workshops in pairs. In the workshops, they will use dialogue to develop new interpretations of traditional motifs in the light of the migrant crisis. Although some of the presented artworks touch upon global issues, most of the participating artists approach the topic from the individual’s position and experience of the present situation.

The artists will present their working methods and the issues they have been tackling as well as the starting points for the newly conceived works, which will be included in the Story Time exhibition (12 October 2017, KGLU), which will be on display under the umbrella title of In/On the Way.

See In/On the Way programme.

The Story Time project connects five European organisations: the publishing house Izvori, LLC, from Zagreb; the organisation Inter – kultura, LLC, from Maribor; the Austrian Society for Children’s Philosophy (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Kinderphilosophie) from Graz; the company Studio Gaus, LLC, from Berlin; and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška (KGLU) from Slovenj Gradec. The diverse project partners form a platform for the execution of activities aimed at establishing and consolidating intercultural dialogue.