Story Time – Connecting People with the Power of Art

Project area
Interdisciplinary Projects 
Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts (partner) 
Project lead
Izvori d. o. o. (HR) 
Creative Europe (2014-2020) - Cross-sector / Refugee Integration Projects 2016
EU funding
199.988,99 EUR

Project leader: Izvori d. o. o. (HR)
Partners: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Kinderphilosophie (AT), Studio Gaus GmbH (DE), Inter-kulturo d.o.o. (SI), Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts (SI).


The main aims of this project are:
1. To foster the access to and the knowledge of the culture of the refugees in the host society, mainly for children and youth through stories from the countries of refugees.
2. To help children-refugees to access the European culture while still not speaking the language of the host countries through European children´s stories published in Arabic.
3. To foster the integration of refugees and eliminate the fear of the “other” through participation of children and youth in common illustration workshops and other events for the public.
4. Create new works of art, which arise from the dialog between artists from different cultures and represent new interpretations of traditional motives as well as question our values in the light of the migrant crisis.

Bringing together 5 organisations with distinct experiences, working in different fields of art and education, all highly competent in their fields, provides an excellent opportunity to create innovative contents, bring art into different aspects of education and take education into account when creating art – all together in order to help the integration of migrants into host societies and create a more open society, which is ready to accept new cultures as a part of Europe. (Source: EAC.)

Project duration: 1. 12. 2016–30. 11. 2018

Project activities:
Story Time

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