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Rasmussen Nordic

Denmark (EU)

  • Rasmussen Nordic
  • Leader/Partner
      • Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
  • Wed., 28.06.2023

Rasmussen Nordic (DK, lead) and Vocalini (PT, partner) are looking for partners for a small/medium-scale cooperation project in the field of performing arts – opera music.

Project proposal: Bring opera and music into more childrens’ lives! We want to develop new formats, experiences and art for children, where they meet opera in many different shapes. Children are much to often set aside as a dedicated group of culture attendees, and if we really want this artform to survive, we need to address the needs and perspectives of children – even if it means radical evolution. If you are keen to create innovation in this field and are willing to explore and bring new visions and ideas to the table, partner with us!

About project partners

RasmussenNordic is a research and innovation development company in the arts. It is working in the cultural and media industry with development and strategy, research, testing and conceptualization. RN is also lead on the project and will run the project management and the innovation processes.

Vocalini is working to rewrite familiar pieces from operas (Verdi, Mozart etc) to songs for children (12 songs have already been written), where they can sing along and participate in the concerts. These concerts are viewed as new opera formats to be developed (some have already been performed).

For further information on project proposal, see attachment (.docx).

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