Interdisciplinary Projects

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“Today” Art Initiative (TAI)

March 3, 2023

“Today” Art Initiative (TAI) has founded in 2014 year. The aim of the organisation is to develop contemporary art acitivites and create a platform for experimental and innovative art practices and exchanges. TAI provides opportunities to reflect society’s issues and invetigate today’s life problems localy and international. The aim of exchanges and (rural art) residencies […]

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February 22, 2023

The Greek non-profit organisation Eupragia is interested to participate as project partner either in small or in medium European Cooperation Projects calls. They are looking for projects in culture –education, theater-arts and sports, social theater- theater of the oppressed, non authoritarian training of adults, performance creation, theater in education, music in education. EUPRAGIA is an […]

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UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management, Srbia

January 4, 2023

UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy and Management (Interculturalism and Mediation in the Balkans) is aiming to participate as an associate partner to various small-scale cooperation projects providing training and education programs, consultancy and support in the field of cultural policy and management, research and other relevant activities. MA in Cultural Policy and Management proudly carries […]

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July 26, 2022

The Spanish association LEITMOTIV-AREA would like to participate as a partner in a small cooperation project. They have a wide experience in Erasmus+, and their fields of expertise are youth and volunteering, social inclusion, social and cultural innovation, education and cultural tourism.

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Municipality of Oraiokastro, Greece

March 1, 2022

Municipality of Oraiokastro is looking for projects that deal with local cultural associations and teenagers or and children getting in touch with culture in modern ways.

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February 3, 2022

Latvian NGO “CONNECT&CREATE” is interested in cooperation with partners in visual arts, music, performance art, innovative materials, digital media, art and music therapy, as well as in other fields, to participate in the Small Scale Cooperation Projects.

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Between Music, Denmark

January 28, 2022

The Danish music and concert association “Between Music” is looking for a lead partner and local partners to participate in creating a sustainable touring water festival for the Cooperation Projects 2022 call.

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ARTENS, Greece

June 25, 2021

ARENS, a non-profit organization from Greece, is searching for partners from Austria, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland to organize cultural seminars and festivals aiming at the development of arts through intercultural cooperation.

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Olympolis Art Project, Greece

April 13, 2021

Olympolis Art Project is looking for partners from Central and East Europe in order to realise a project in the fields of performing arts, intangible cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology, sustainability, gastronomy, cultural travel and experiences, audience development, social cohesion.

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Turku University of Applied Sciences / Arts Academy, Finland

April 2, 2021

Turku University of Applied Sciences / Arts Academy is looking for partners from various sectors. Their project experiments with European light and darkness in multi-art workshops and artist collaborations. They have good experience from Creative Europe projects.