Music Moves Europe Preparatory action 2020: Innovative support scheme for a sustainable music ecosystem

To implement the 2020 Preparatory action “Music Moves Europe: Boosting European music diversity and talent” (with a budget of €2.5 million) this call for proposals (EAC/S15/2020) addresses the need to support the green, digital, just and resilient recovery and post-Covid-19-crisis development of the European music ecosystem to help it become more sustainable. Deadline: 19 November, 2020.

Priložnosti · November 2, 2020
Vir: FB @CreativeEurope.

The European music ecosystem belongs to one of the cultural segments that were hit the most by the corona crisis – with an unprecedented impact on the sector’s entire value chain and massive losses incurred. The crisis’ significant short-term consequences for the sector have been addressed with emergency action and safety nets at different levels. Additional steps are needed to help the sector recover in a more sustainable way, adjust to new realities and newly emerging trends, and ultimately become more resilient.

The Commission will select one consortium that will design and manage an innovative and effective support scheme that redistributes grants to recipients in the music sector, based on a needs assessment. The Commission expects to select the consortium by November 2020, to ensure that the funds can reach the recipients as early as possible in 2021.

Deadline: 19 November, 2020.

This Call complements other national and EU initiatives and schemes that help mitigate the negative impact of the Covid-19 crisis on culture in general and music in particular. It will allow the Commission to develop further its integrated approach of European support to music (Music Moves Europe), including targeted action under the next Creative Europe programme.

Further information at EAC website.