AZRRI, Hrvaška

1.04.2022, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do sobota, 31. december 2022
AZRRI would like to connect the tradition, culture and experts from cultural and creative sector and create content, illustrations, design, arts that will be in relationship with audience and to create a unique memorable story. They would like to cooperate with partners esp. from Italy, Slovenia, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands.

NEO ART, Romunija

1.04.2022, Projekti sodelovanja / Arhitektura, oblikovanje in uporabne umetnosti
Odgovori do ponedeljek, 11. april 2022
They are looking for a cultural organization that has experience in implementing European cooperation projects and can provide know-how, and also has experience in the cultural fields, networks and platforms. They are also interested in participating as a partner in other small or medium projects.

Muzeum Okręgowe w Rzeszowie, Poland

1.03.2022, Projekti sodelovanja (srednji) / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do torek, 15. marec 2022
The Regional Museum in Rzeszów (project leader/ medium scale COOP) is looking for partners in the areas of cultural heritage projects & digital solutions for museums. The main goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of cultural institutions to implement a digital layer using virtual and augmented reality to enhance the experience of visiting a museum. The project intends to develop an implementation guide for the AR/VR layer in the museum with its pilot implementation.

Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble, Poljska

1.03.2022, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba
Odgovori do nedelja, 20. marec 2022
Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble would like to organise a field of exploration for new music and related arts (video intermedia etc.) - to involve not only artists but also cultural operators to promote new ideas and develop contemporary music in Europe - with project results being cultural exchange, creation of new compositions, expansion of contacts.