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National Reserve “Zamky Ternopilya”


The National Reserve “Zamky Ternopilya” is looking for projects related cultural heritage, museum activities and exhibitions and sustainable cultural tourism. They would like to cooperate as a partner in a small-scale cooperation project.

Organization: The National Reserve “Zamky Ternopilya” is a state cultural, educational and research institution, which was created in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated the 8th February, 1994 No. 75 on the basis of historical and cultural monuments of national importance. The primary tasks that the Reserve solves are: preservation, restoration, popularization of historical and architectural monuments which are included in its structure. The Reserve is also in charge of conducting scientific research, publishing activity, sightseeing, expositional and foundation activities. The goal cooperation is the preservation and popularization of monuments, the development of the Ukrainian culture and science. The target audience of the organization is scientists, researchers, artists, restorers, visitors who are interested in art and history; tourists of different age and social groups.

Project proposal: Cultural heritage and archaeological sites of the city in cooperation with experts in the field of creative industry (architecture, design, museums, historians). Art projects. Exhibition projects. Organization and holding of cultural and artistic events and festivals.

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