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MeetShareDance Association, Španija

Španija (EU)

  • MeetShareDance Association, Španija
      • Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba
  • Thu., 01.07.2021

MeetShareDance association aims to promote best practice in the field of inclusive arts practices and to foster an International Dance Network for individuals and groups working with dance and disability. We provide an educational program that offers dance classes, training and workshops on all levels.

We strive to:
– promote dance, inclusion and disability and generate a public space that propels cultural exchange and artistic development
– connect digital innovation with performing arts – design and develop educational programs and courses on disability and cultural management
– strengthen the existence of inclusive artistic spaces of social participation with open dance events, open stages, street performances, etc.
– promote the development of professionals and showing the diversity of dancer’s bodies

Previous EU grants received: Erasmus +

Preferred field of expertise: Performing arts, contemporary dance, digital innovation, inclusion. We are interested in partnering to any Creative Europe project that tackles issues of accesibility and inclusive approach.
Projects related to dance, interdisciplinary fields (digital, performative), projects working on accessibility and inclusion, development of educational projects on inclusion and art also very interested in combining digital innovation with performing arts.

Contact: Monika Pozek, T: +34653594307
MeetShareDance Association, W: