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CRAVE Music Agency, Poljska

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  • CRAVE Music Agency, Poljska
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  • Thu., 01.09.2022

Organization: The CRAVE Music Agency was established in 2017. We provide a comprehensive offer for artists, such as managerial support, impresario care, and professional promotional and advertising services. We constantly cooperate with music venues, graphic designers, video production teams, sound companies, acoustics, recording studios, journalists, and leading media on the Polish market.

With our activities, we support both music labels and independent artists. We also organize concerts, tours and book both domestic and foreign performers. We have organized and managed over 300 music shows. We have collaborated with some of the most famous Polish and foreign musicians. In addition, we provide publishing support and global digital distribution services. We deliver music to Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music, Tik Tok, and many more.

We use the 360 model, which means that in addition to the technical handling of deliveries, we provide additional services related to optimizing and promoting the delivered content, such as Spotify Ads or playlist submission. Additionally, we offer YouTube channel management and Content ID service. Thanks to a wide range of activities, we have a tangible impact on better content exposure; thus, the artists we work with reach a broad audience.

Contact: Michalina Biernacka,
CRAVE Music Agency