Seven Years of Slovenia in the Creative Europe Programme. A Success Story!

At the end of a successful year and an incredible seven-year period, Motovila (CED Slovenia) underlines Slovenia’s exceptional results in the EU programme Creative Europe. On the map of 41 European countries that participated in the Culture and MEDIA subprogrammes and the Cross-Sectoral strand, Slovenia is among the most successful!

Za medije · December 16, 2020

Creative Europe (2014–2020) has brought to Slovenia …

135 Slovenian organisations, both private NGOs and public institutions, that were successful on the calls from 2014 to 2020.
575 supported international projects, which Slovenian coordinators and partners carried out in the fields of film, literature, dance, theatre, architecture and design, cultural heritage, visual and new media arts and other creative sectors.
24,3 million EUR support from the EU for projects led by Slovenian coordinators. That amounts to almost 3,5 million EUR a year!
… an amazing 1070 connections, created by Slovenian organisations with partners from 41 countries.
… the ranking of Ljubljana in 2nd place among European cultural capitals, both by the number of supported projects and by the amount of EU funding.
… the European Heritage Label bestowed upon Prešeren’s Zdravljica, the Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca and the Franja Partisan Hospital.
… the Europa Nostra European Heritage Award given to the Pavilion for the Presentation of Archaeological Remains in Celje and Plečnik House in Ljubljana.
… the EU Prize for Literature EUPL to Jasmin B. Frelih for his novel In/Half.
… the LUX Film Prize to God Exists, Her Name is Petrunya.

During the first generation of the EU programmes for culture and film, Slovenian organisations garnered support in the amount of only 0.5 million EUR a year. In the third generation, they became more successful, securing on average seven times more from the EU budget, that is, 3.5 million EUR a year! EU support thus represents an important funding source for the Slovenian cultural and film sector. It is key to the development of the sector, opening the doors widely to give Slovenia access to the international cultural space.

As a part of the European network of Creative Europe Desks (CED), Motovila – through its close cooperation with the cultural and creative sector – has established exceptionally strong relationships and expert knowledge in the local and wider European cultural ecosystem. Through these experiences, in the last seven years, Motovila has directly influenced the number of successful projects funded by the programme and positively impacted the professionalisation and internationalisation of organisations, creators and other stakeholders.

The fourth generation of EU programmes is before us, awaiting its confirmation. The proposed multiannual financial framework and temporary instrument for the recovery for member states allocates a part of the funds for culture. The new Creative Europe (2021–2027) proposal amounts to a record 2.4 billion EUR, which means a 60% increase compared to the current period. The new programme will retain the three-strand structure – Culture, MEDIA and Cross-Sectoral as well as all the actions of the current programme. It also brings some novelties. For example, an individual mobility scheme and support to encourage the freedom and plurality of the media.

In the transitional period, Motovila remains a part of the CED network. Because of the delay caused by the current circumstances, the European Commision has extended the mandate for the Creative Europe Desks to preserve their uninterrupted support to the sector in the member countries. However, in this period, only the national ministries of culture can assure funding for carrying out the activities of their CEDs.

In practice, this means that from January, without support from the Ministry of Culture, CED Slovenia’s activities to support the sector will be considerably stunted. We’ll no longer be able to provide free assistance and consulting. We’ll have to limit the programme of professional training, promotion and other services. We deeply regret this since 100 international Creative Europe projects are currently in process, in which more than 80 Slovenian organisations are participating, including nearly 40 project leaders. Furthermore, considering the record-breaking amount of funding available within the upcoming calls, the sector should already start developing project ideas and searching for international partners now.

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