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Portugal (EU)

NUISIS ZOBOP from Portugal welcomes collaborations with performing arts related projects in all fields (Dance, Theatre, Music) conjoining theoretical (Sociological and Philosophical as much as Political) and practical goals, be them of applied technical research, of residency and inter-exchange of skills and experiences.

Organization: With 16 creations, 5 edited books, multiple trainings, research seminars and congresses organized, as well as two sections/methodologies of performative research in action (Improvisation and Training), NZ fulfils with effective repercussion the valorisation of the social and artistic dignification of Dance as an irreplaceable art form in all its aspects. Nuisis Zobop, via Joana von Mayer & Hugo Calhim Cristóvão, always seeks to broaden its artistic and cultural horizons with other ways of doing, of researching through prolonged stays in France, Berlin, India and Japan, among others.

For further info, see here (.pdf).

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