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Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation, Spain

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  • Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation, Spain
      • Books and Reading / Literary Translation
  • Tue., 24.05.2022

Organization: The Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation (MCAF) is a network that promotes the citizen dialogue, proposals and actions. The MCA Foundation encourages democratic values of freedom, peace and respect for diversity, as well as environmental responsibility in the Mediterranean. MCAF is established in 19 countries and 29 Euro-Mediterranean cities, and prioritizes the promotion and the highlighting of the cultural diversity in the Mediterranean area, focusing on gender and youth in the region. With more than 70 international actions by year, the MCAF encourages the transition to sustainable societies; the regional governance and cooperation; responsibility and ethics; the promotion and the spreading of Human Rights and cultural diversity.

MCAF is involved in publication of Mediterranean books. The Foundation publishes every year several books in poetry, History and Social Sciences (N/A in this Call) in the Mediterranean Area.

– “Paella y Cuscus una historia Mediterránea” Scientific publication about the anthropological and historical links between these two cultural heritages, 2021.
– “A la Niebla. Para a névoa. Cap a la boira” Trilingual anthology of the poet Francisco Brines, 2021. (Spanish, catalan, Portuguese)
– “Vint poems d’amor I de mort I el cant spiritual” Trilingual anthology of the poet Ausias March,2020. (Spanish, Catalan, Italian)
– “Guide: a proposal of refugees for the inclusion” publication written by refugees and migration experts in order to promote good practices of inclusion. 2019.
– “Ibn Khafaja d’Alzira” Trilingual anthology of the poet Ibn Khafaja, 2017. (Arabic, Spanish, Catalan)
– “Kavafis” Trilingual anthology of the poet Kavafis, 2016. (Greek Spanish, Catalan)

Partners currently involved in the project:
The MCAF has an important number of institutional partners in the field of Culture at the local scale but also at the Euromed scale as the: “Consell Valencià de Cultura-CVC”,; the City Council of Valencia, and the department of Foreign Relations of the City Council of Valencia; The Generalitat de Valencia; The Cultural association “Peripli Culture e Societá Euromediterranee”;and the Islamic Cultural Center Of Valencia.
The MCAF has also strong relationship with the “3 Culturas del Mediterráneo” Foundation, the Spanish Diplomacy organisation “Casa Mediterráneo”, The Anna Lindh foundation (Egypt), and has been chosen to the Executive Comitee of the Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation-REFAL.
MCAF is one of the co-organizers of the Mediterranean Cultural Festival “Mostra Viva del Mediterráni-MVM”.

Contact: Alexandre Ribere,
Mediterranean Citizens Assembly Foundation
T: +34 667 784 130, W: