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La Liminal

Spain (EU)

  • La Liminal
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  • Fri., 27.12.2024
Non-profit La Liminal would like to join as a partner in any cooperation projects related to cultural mediation and contemporary art practices through participatory practices in urban environments. They also have a background in multidisciplinary projects and activities linked to innovation in non-formal education.

About the organization

La Liminal dedicates to research the city, its history, memories and meanings over time, through actions that seek to activate collective learning processes, taking public space as an educational environment and field of production of thought / action.

Our actions use methodologies of cultural mediation and contemporary art practices, having urban exploration as a main working tool to analyze public space collectively, mediating embodied and situated knowledge and intervening in it. We do so, organizing urban tours, curating cultural programs, developing workshops with different communities or long term local projects.

Our work is multidisciplinary based, and developed through the crossing of disciplines, such as urbanism, anthropology, architecture, performance, contemporary dance, cinema, photography among others, or the collaboration with different professionals and local agents.

La Liminal’s activities aim to raise social awareness on issues such as gender equality, interculturality and the fight against discrimination of any kind. The main goal of our work is to generate processes of social transformation through the activation of critical thinking, facilitating the consolidation of a critical citizenship committed to the reappropriation of public space as a common good.

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