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Cultures Eco Actives

France (EU)

The association Cultures Eco Actives, based in Châteauroux-les-alpes, France, provides support to organizations in improving their environnemental responsability. They would like to take part as partner organization in a small-scale cooperation project.

The association Cultures Eco Actives, created by prefectural decree dated 18/09/2022, based in Châteauroux-les-alpes, France, is a nonprofit organization which aims to enhance, promote, develop innovation in environnemental responsability in culture and through culture, and cultural rights. It is in constant partnership with local artists and cultural organizations.

Cultures Eco Actives provides support to organizations in improving their environnemental responsability. It works as well with artists to show how they can change stories about human place in nature and make people feel their link to nature and the need to care about environnement.

It is at the moment working on a documentary about local artisitic proposals reconnecting population to nature: feelings of the artists, feelings of the audience, practices of creation and of population involvement.

Previous EU grants received for project Pariahs: Performing European Historical Memories.

Depending on the project, the role of Cultures Eco Actives can be:
– observing, studying
– involving local artists or organizations in researchs and sharings
– contributing to dissemination tools
– showing french or local state-of-the-art and practices

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