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      • Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
  • Tue., 30.12.2025

Culture Select is interested to participate in a cooperation project as a partner or an associate partner, in the fields of performing arts (dance, music, acting), cultural heritage and arts and technology.

Culture Select is a non-profit organisation, listed in Forbes 30Under30 in Arts & Culture in Europe 2023, with a mission to support creative and innovative performing professionals, mainly from Greece, by creating new projects and operating a new professional development program through mentorship.

As the Director and a freelance dance professional operating between the UK and Greece, I [Stefanos Dimoulas] have graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a BA in Modern Ballet. I’ve performed in diverse productions, such as The Royal Opera House, Ballo Arthur Pita, Latitude Festival, Anti-thesis Dancetheatre, and with National Geographic, Kate Moss, Röyksopp, and Alicia Keys. In addition to my technical skills, I’ve achieved several notable accomplishments such as being a Forbes 30Under30 Europe lister in Arts & Culture, the youngest Greek judge in the history of Dancing with the Stars, and a TEDx Speaker.

I raised around $74,000 from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports and the National Opera to fund my full-scale dance production, “Titan Prometheus,” which sold out in 97 minutes and supported other Greek and LGBTQI+ performers.

I am actively seeking to connect with organizations that share a similar work ethic as mine, characterized by a passion for smart and diligent work, and a willingness to explore all options in both Stage productions (ranging from dance productions to large-scale festivals) and Screen projects (including TV series and feature films). I have a plethora of ideas that I believe would benefit from the expertise of like-minded professionals who can combine their skills in creative entrepreneurship with the performing arts.

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