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“Apollonia Hirscher” Cultural Center

Romania (EU)

  • “Apollonia Hirscher” Cultural Center
  • Leader/Partner
      • Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music)
  • Thu., 31.10.2024

“Apollonia Hirscher” Cultural Center, a public cultural performing arts institution, interested in participating as a partner or leader in European cooperation projects. They are interested in projects related to: performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, arts and technology, cultural events and festivals organization and management, presentation of classical arts and contemporary art programmes, organization of contemporary art exhibitions, museum education programs.

Organization: “Apollonia Hirscher”  Cultural Center is a public cultural performing arts institution, established in 16 of February 2023, with legal personality, under the authority of the Local Council of Brasov. It is a public institution of repertory performances, having a permanent artistic ensemble, capable of supporting the activity of a season, fulfilling the conditions of the portfolio of performances and companies of shows or concerts, as well as the activity of artistic manager, uppon solicitation beeing managed by a board of directors with a broad expertise and cultural know-how, in Theatre, Opera, Cinema, Heritage, Performing Arts, Concerts and so on. The Institute is administrating over 5000 sqm of various Patrimonial Buildings, suitable for all types of cultural performances.

For further information, see attachment (docx).

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