13th International Film Festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema / PRO Otok presents: FOCUS

The 13th edition of International Film Festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema is ready to welcome thirteen emerging filmmakers, directors of photography and production designers, from Italy, Croatia and Slovenia, who have been selected at the public call for new international training and networking programme FOCUS (2–4 June 2017).

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The new three-day international training and networking event puts a spotlight on emerging film professionals from Croatia, Friuli Venezia Giulia (IT) and Slovenia. First edition of this long-term project, taking place from 2 to 4 June 2017 in Izola, Slovenia, will be dedicated to cinematography and production design. Participants will get an opportunity and time to think through their methods and visions with two renowned tutors, Christian Berger (AT) and Ludovica Ferrario (IT).

The FOCUS training and networking event, the first of its kind in the region, draws on a creative mix of talents and professional skill sets: screenwriters, directors and producers work closely together with cinematographers, production designers, editors, sound designers, makeup designers, costume designers and others. FOCUS is organized by the Otok Institute, during International Film Festival Kino Otok – Isola Cinema in collaboration/support of Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), FVG Audiovisual Fund (IT), Institute Motovila/Creative Europe Desk Slovenia, Creative Europe Desk Italy – Torino, Creative Europe Desk Croatia, Slovene Association of Cinematographers and Association of Slovenian Film Production Designers, Costume Designers and Make up Designers.
Part of FOCUS program will be open for PRO Pass holders and interested individuals.

FOCUS for public

3 June 2017 (4 events):
(1) Masterclass Christian Berger: So Many Tools – Nothing But Tools (at 9.00)
As a cinematographer, Christian Berger has worked with major directors such as Terrence Malick, János Szász and Angelina Jolie. For his work in The White Ribbon, the longstanding collaborator of Michael Haneke and inventor of the Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS) was nominated for Academy Award for Best Cinematography. His latest project with Haneke, Happy End, premiered at this year’s Cannes festival. In his masterclass, he will speak out against technical dictate and explain his new thinking about light.
For FOCUS participants and PRO Pass holders.

(2) Panel: Creative Coproduction – It Is Not All About Money! (at 14.00)
Panellists will debate about collaborations of creative individuals in international co-productions, and about positioning yourself in an international market as an emerging cinematographer or production designer. Moderated by Alessandro Gropplero (FVG Audiovisual Fund, Italy). Panellists: Christian Berger (cinematographer, Austria), Ludovica Ferrario (production designer, Italy), Ankica Jurić Tilić (producer, Croatia), Sonja Prosenc (director, Slovenia), Dušan Milavec (production designer, Slovenia).
The event is open for all interested individuals.

(3) Showcase: 13 Emerging Filmmakers (at 16.00)
13 emerging cinematographers and production designers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia, will present their vision and work approach to directors, producers and public.
The event is open for all interested individuals.

(4) Evening ties: Networking Dinner for Film Professionals (at 19.00)
For FOCUS participants, PRO Pass holders and invitations.

 4 June 2017: Masterclass Ludovica Ferrario: From the Script to the Set – Make it Real (at 10.00)
In the recent years, Ludovica Ferrario has worked closely with Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino, first as art director in The Great Beauty, then as production designer in Youth, which brought her several award nominations. Currently she is working with Sorrentino on Season 2 of The Young Pope, an HBO series starring Jude Law. Other directors she has worked with include Wim Wenders and Abbas Kiarostami. Her masterclass will focus on achieving the impression of reality by means of production design.
For FOCUS participants and PRO Pass holders.

Who are the FOCUS participants?

The FOCUS public call has been open from 3rd of April until 1st of May, and had attracted 39 film talents on the fields of film photography and production design from the region. 13 candidates have been selected by the committee to participate in the three-day training and networking event that will take place in Izola, Slovenia, for the first time in Kino Otok’s history.

Three cinematographers and one production designer from Italy include: Alberto Fasulo (1976), Claudio Cescutti (1976), Debora Vrizzi (1975) and Paola Uxa (1985).
Two cinematographers, one production designer and one tandem of production designers from Croatia include: Mario Topić (1983), Tomislav Sutlar (1991), Marijana Gradečak (1982), and tandem Hana Grebenar  (1987) and Iva Maria Jurić (1986).
Two cinematographers and two production designers from Slovenia include: Boj Nuvak (1985), Fabris Šulin (1992), Eva Ferlan (1985) and Iris Čeh (1994).
A short presentation of the selected participants.


The Kino Otok – Isola Cinema festival itself will offer new film experiences and gatherings to film lovers, professionals and guests from 31 May to 4 June in the coastal and Karst region of Slovenia: in Izola for the 13th time and in Cerknica, Tolmin, Sežana and Idrija for the very first time!

The visitors will also be given the opportunity to get to know results and partners of the Creative Europe MEDIA supported audience development project AREM (Action! A New European Methodology For Film Literacy), promoting film literacy in Europe, by carrying out an ”action research” in 4 schools in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania.