Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Španija

1.08.2016, Projekti sodelovanja / Vizualne umetnosti
Odgovori do sreda, 5. oktober 2016


The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) was founded in 1989 with the intention of being a top quality and innovative public university. The mission of this university is aimed at serving as a contributing factor to the improvement of society through the offering of quality filled teaching and advanced investigation skills which are up to the standards of demanding international criteria. This university aspires to achieve excellence within all its activities. Our previous experience in management of international projects (including a European project of Culture which was finalized in 2015) turns us into a qualified team, guaranteeing a correct implementation of the designed projects.

Spletna stran: http://www.uc3m.es/Home


Sofía Gasset
E: sgasset@pa.uc3m.es
T: +34 669100 521

Sonsoles Herreros
E: sherrero@pa.uc3m.es 


Through visual and performing arts, this project involves delving into the diversity of Europe allowing questions such as what do we want to be?, what are we able to build? Reframing our place in the world, from the difference and towards a possible community.

Find more about the project in the appendix.