Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, Gruzija

9.01.2018, Projekti sodelovanja / Arhitektura, oblikovanje in uporabne umetnosti
Odgovori do nedelja, 14. januar 2018

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial would like to participate in a cooperation project in the field of architecture and society, architectural events, critical research in architecture and urbanism. They are already cooperating with BINA – Belgrade International Architecture Week.

Organizacija: Tbilisi Architecture Biennial

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial is an architectural festival, which will take place in Tbilisi every two years. TAB aims to biannually bring together professionals from diverse disciplines united under one topic that will be presented during the event, policy makers, local public and other stakeholders to initiate and broaden existing critical discourse on architectural and urban issues in Tbilisi and beyond.
With joined forces, the TAB platform will generate exhibitions, new architectural installations, spatial experiments, symposiums and other activities related to the theme of the event. The topic, location as well as a curator for the event will change on each occasion.


The upcoming Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2018 will explore the informality of the built and lived spaces of residential settlements in Tbilisi and beyond. Under the name “Buildings Are Not Enough” the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial will study the manifested transformational processes and newly reinvented inhabiting logics of the urban dwellers. They would like to emphasize the altered built surroundings that demonstrate the actions taken by the inhabitants, as they tend to adjust the architecture and the urban environment according to their needs.

They would like to focus their research on the transformational processes of the Soviet modernist mass housing neighborhoods – micro-districts, which also opens up whole new spectrum of questions that they would like to address during the 2018 Tbilisi Biennial.

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Kontakt: Tinatin Gurgenidze, co-founder / curator (t.gurgenidze@biennial.ge)
Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, 4 Shanidze str | 0179 | Tbilisi | Georgia
T: (+49) 17670405360 or (+995) 599711803
W: www.biennial.ge, FB: Tbilisi Architecture Biennial