Tao Production, Armenija

4.01.2018, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Interdisciplinarni projekti
Odgovori do nedelja, 14. januar 2018

Tao Production would like to cooperate in a small-scale cooperation project. They are looking for partners, e.g. cultural centers, production companies, film schools, independent artists/filmmakers, civil society NGOs, human rights organizations, social impact entertainment organizations, or centers with human rights/social impact interest, esp. from Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.


Tao Production is an NGO production company founded in 2012 by a group of filmmakers and producers. All founding members are successful players in Armenia’s cinema industry, and have given a multidisciplinary edge to their film productions (Me Too, Aborted) and cooperation projects. Most recently, together with the British Council Armenia, Tao realized the Culture Matters EU project of the Arts & Culture program.

Projekt: Social Impact Entertainment Summit

The Social Impact Entertainment Summit is an international event, with the goal of establishing the region as a leader in developing the young field of social impact entertainment – the successful collaboration of the entertainment industry and the NGO community to bring positive change to society. The project comprises two main elements: the International Summit – to take place across the region – and the Social Impact Entertainment Guidebook to be developed and published as a result of the summit.

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Kontakt: Tatevik Manoukyan, Founder/Director
E: productiontao@gmail.com, T: +374 55 415551
Halabyan 5-21, Yerevan, Armenia