Sarajevo City Hall, BiH

28.08.2018, Projekti sodelovanja / Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba
Odgovori do sobota, 10. november 2018

Sarajevo City Hall, known as Vijećnica, is interested in joining cooperation projects related to performing arts, exhibitions, events, music and culture. Ideally, they would like to be partners with associations of artists, city halls, governmental and non-governmental organisations related to culture and art, active in Western Balkans countries or all EU countries.

Organizacija: Sarajevo City Hall

Sarajevo City Hall, known as Vijećnica, is located in the city of Sarajevo. Sarajevo City Hall is the most beautiful and most representative building built in Sarajevo during the Austro-Hungarian period and serves as a symbol of the encounter of world civilizations. It was built in Neo-Moorish style – the perfect architectural unity of the East and the West. The famous architect Karl Pařik deserves credit for this Neo-Moorish style. City Hall is a national monument and its space is used for various protocol events for all levels of government, concerts, exhibitions, and different kind of events.


We are a superb venue for high level events in the field of culture and art that are important for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region of Western Balkans and Europe. We are interested to be a partner in cooperation projects to interesting organisations that plan to bring/tour art productions of highest artistic and aesthetical value in the region of Balkans. We can act as a host venue, producer and/or promoter.

T: +387 33 292 855 / +387 61 140 502, E: