ROSE Stories & Flanders Literature, Belgija

20.03.2018, Projekti sodelovanja / Knjiga in prevodni projekti
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Rose Stories and Flanders Literature are searching for partners, e. g. authors, illustrators, publishers, reading promotors, libraries, literary institutes to cooperate in the field of Children & Young Adult Literature (cooperation project).

Organizacija: ROSE Stories & Flanders Literature

“ROSE stories is a story producing company. First, we discover traditions, customs and cultures through stories. Then we share these stories through converting them into products and services. In cooperation with makers, we ensures that the products and services are financially successful and at the same time contribute to society.”

Flanders Literature opens a window on the dynamic and diverse literary landscape in the northern part of Belgium. Their mission is to help publishers and festival organisers find that one particular title or author that is the perfect fit for their list or audience.


Diverse & inclusive books are critical to a child’s emotional development. It is through stories that we can put ourselves in the place of any other person and learn about the plurality of perspectives that characterizes the world we live in. Children need both mirrors and windows on other worlds and realities. Illustrations are essential in this, because children need to recognize themselves not only in words, but especially in images without stereotypes.

The aim of the project is to gradually invest in ways of getting more diversity in children’s literature by engaging writers and illustrators from different backgrounds that will appeal more and other readers. By developing this project on a European level we want to expand the reach of existing initiatives and bring together useful expertise. In the end, we want to engage all actors involved in the literary sector and bookproduction & -distribution by means of a European Charter and facilitate an endurable exchange of expertise.