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3.02.2015, Evropske platforme / Arhitektura, oblikovanje in uporabne umetnosti
Odgovori do petek, 27. februar 2015
Projekt: Danube Arts and crafts - razpis za evropske platforme 2015Romunski muzej ljudske umetnosti išče člane platforme iz Slovenije s področja oblikovanja in uporabnih umetnosti.

What is the DACPLAT project?

DACPLAT targets the arts and crafts sector in 11 “Danube region” countries. When the project is up and running, 3 more Danube countries can be added, together with others from the wider region if need be. The target countries will be invited to participate in a full programme of arts and crafts activities, both in their own country and in international events to be hosted in turn by each partner. “Arts and crafts” is a term commonly used in most countries to denote objects or works having an aesthetic and/or functional aspect. Theatre and opera are excluded from this project, as is literature of all genres. However some dance and music will be incorporated  into the event programmes.  No sector of arts and crafts is a priori excluded but in the first year of operation of the project, the emphasis will be mainly on ceramics, glass work, metal work including the production of statues and other artistic objects, wood work, textile work, jewellery, musical instrument making, graphic design, leather craft, and art works of all kinds. Craft skills denoted as such in some Member States, such as stage make up, hairdressing, fashion design, making of confectionery may figure in some events but will not be sectors considered specifically for support in the opening year.

Criteria for selecting partners in DACPLAT

1.    An organization, association, gallery, exhibition centre or similar  active in the field of Arts and Crafts
2.    Based in one of the Danube strategy countries or in close proximity to such a country
3.    Existing for at least two years at the date of inclusion in DACPLAT
4.    Fulfilling all other criteria set out in the call for bids terms of reference   and accepting the “no profit rule” of the programme
5.    Able to present a report on activities for at least 2013/4 indicating where young entrants to the arts and crafts professions have been actively featured
6.    Able to provide at least one coordinator/contact person speaking English available to deal with all DACPLAT tasks
7.    Having enough financial stability to participate in DACPLAT activities during the first year of funding with the aid of the 70% advance ( in other words 30% pre-financing requirement)
8.    Willing to host at least one single country event in 2015/6 and take part in at least 50% of multicountry events.
9.    Having a website kept up to date which can be linked to the main DACPLAT site.
10.    Having the willingness and resources to continue the work of DACPLAT after 2016/7

More information in the appendix.

Kontakt: Bridget Czarnota