Radboa Museum, Hrvaška

14.11.2018, Projekti sodelovanja / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do ponedeljek, 3. december 2018

Organizacija: Radboa Museum

The Radboa Museum is a public institution whose museum activity combines the local history and culture of municipality Radoboj, located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Croatia. The Museum opened in June 2017. and contains a mining, geological and archaeological collection showing rich cultural and historical heritage which reveals on the beginning of the 19th century.
Museum is known for its oldest fosil leaf of grape vine in Europe age 12 to 14 million years old. It is also significant for many archaeological sites and more that 100 years old mining tradition.
The museum is modern and multimedial, equipped with innovative technology and interactivity.

The museum wants to be a partner in the project of Creative Europe; Support for European cooperation Projects 2019 (EACEA/34/2018).  They would like to connect with places and institutions that have similar history and culture, and implement it in the same way and encourage it to further development. At the same time, they would like to find out more information about fossil history, archeology and mining tradition in Europe.
They are trying to cooperate in creation of cultural and history insights which would have impact on conscience and strengthen society and relationships with the rest of the world.

As partners, they would like museological institutions and institutions in the culture that encourage and strengthen intercultural dialogue, creatively enhance cultural values and emphasize belonging to European cultural circles.

Kontakt: Ivana Hazulin, director
M: +385917257685
E: info@radboa.com
w: http://radboa.com/