Provincia di Padova, Italija

29.07.2016, Projekti sodelovanja / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do sreda, 14. september 2016


The Province of Padova is a local government with responsibilities covering a wide range of topics, from environmental policies to transport, education and culture. The Padova Province is populated by roughly 920.000 inhabitants. Since the 2014 reform, the Padova provincial government has adopted a comprehensive approach to provide the municipalities with tools that help them promote the social, cultural and economic development of their Communities. In order to effectively target relevant issues, the provincial government works with stakeholders such as the Regional Government, the University, the Chamber of Commerce and entrepreneurs. The provincial government is the owner of six museums which are managed directly and indirectly.

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A. Tormene



MUSeum NETwork, is a project targeting innovative best practices aimed at renovating and up-grading the approach to museums. The fall of visitors experienced in some of our museums produces heavy consequences on their financial and economic sustainability, undermining the social and educational development of the communities.
Understanding how technology can transform the museum experience, how to get people to visit and encouraged to interact with the exhibits, to bring to life archaeological, geological or palaentological exhibits using augmented reality, are key issues of MUS.NET.
MUS.NET envisages a new role for museums, from traditional dusty storage and exhibit places to open and busy public areas for studying, educating, performing, relaxing. MUS.NET. aims are:
1) to establish a network of both Italian and EU museums and cultural facilitators, public bodies and IT experts involved in the field of ICT solutions for cultural institutions;
2) to research, create, and/or adopt best practices from project partners in the field of ICT as well as business models and extend them to all project partners;
3) to digitalize the museum’s exhibits and implement augmented reality technology, i.e. on-line museum virtual tours will be made available after cataloguing and preserving on a computer-based system the documentary and photographic heritage;
4) to increase visitors, especially from the younger generations;
5) to identify, create, and implement an innovative business model to increase the revenues from the use of cultural heritage;
6) to adopt a long term plan whose sustainability will support employment of the young labour force. The Padova Provincial Government owns a network of museums consisting of the Museum of Medical History, the Museum of Geology and Palaeontology, the Bacchiglione River Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Living Insects, the Museum of Industrial Machines. The above mentioned network will be joined by other local museums and cultural associations that are currently managing the exhibitions, I.C.T. enterprises and start-up companies.