5.11.2006, Kultura 2000 (2000-2006) / Vizualne umetnosti
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Our project aims to document the aforementioned diversity. We want to achieve it through focusing our attention on the concept that is common to all humanity-the family relationships. The authors of the project will photograph families from various corners of Europe. The concept of FAMILY that we adopt here should be understood as something that goes beyond the bonds of blood and class, and describes the relations we have with people closest to us, the ones we live with, the ones who, in actual fact, give sense to our life.

Kontakt: Anna Bedynska (T: +48 501 513 736), Piotr Bernas (T: +48 694 118 737, E:, Justyna Cieslikowska (T: +48 601 354 278)