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8.04.2020, Projekti sodelovanja / Vizualne umetnosti
Odgovori do torek, 21. april 2020
PhotoIreland has successfully run a major Photographic exhibition in Ireland over the last 10 years and has participated in Creative Europe projects to date. Their project Critical Academy is for the next Cooperation Project Western Balkans Call and they wish to partner with cultural organisations in this region. The Critical Academy aims to encourage a wholesome and sustainable arts practice through mentorship and a programme that re-thinks the relationship between artists and institutions.


Over the last decade, PhotoIreland has become a key constituent of the Visual Arts in Ireland, offering from Dublin an annual festival dedicated to Photography, running a cultural hub in buzzing Temple Bar, and developing constructive channels with a strong network of organisations worldwide. Through these networks, PhotoIreland creates cultural exchanges internationally, promoting relentlessly the works of Irish artists around the world, actively seeking to be present in key festivals, fairs, and becoming the main voice for Contemporary Photography from Ireland. Indeed, it is not per chance PhotoIreland is the only Irish organisation invited as founding member to Parallel Platform and Futures Photography – already a member of 3 EU co-funded projects. Alongside this work, The Library Project, a space that started as a photobook library, has now become a busy Art bookshop focused on visual culture and critical thinking, stocking publications brought to Ireland from all over the world, presented alongside exhibitions and events in its productive gallery space.

Alongside this, PhotoIreland runs The Library Project, a cultural hub that started as a photobook library and has now become a busy Art bookshop focused on visual culture and critical thinking, stocking publications brought to Ireland from all over the world. These are presented alongside a creative programme of exhibitions and events in its productive gallery space.

Projekt: Critical Academy

The Critical Academy opens up a new radical space to learn, research and examine contemporary art practices around Photography and their contexts, as much as the arts management and cultural policy that affect them. Focusing on building capacity in the Western Balkans, it aims to enhance intercultural dialogue and increase transnational circulation within Europe.

The Critical Academy proposes a three years long project, offering a space for practice-based research where cultural organisations will focus on fostering capacity building in the Arts sector, critically evaluating current practices, proposing new business models, and encouraging a wholesome and sustainable practice through mentorship, proactively preparing the sector for future challenges.

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Currently, the Critical Academy is a project led by PhotoIreland, with the Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum as its main EU partner, looking for two Arts organisations in the Western Balkans interested in joining in.

Potential partners and associated organisations sought include cultural and Arts organisations working broadly around Photography and Visual Arts, including multidisciplinary organisations (e.g. Science and Arts), interested in effectively changing the landscape described, with a critical and experimental approach. These may include universities, museums, galleries, festivals, research networks, platforms, collectives, etc.

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