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10.02.2015, Evropske platforme / Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba
Odgovori do četrtek, 26. februar 2015
Projekt: Evropske platforme (razpis 2015)Organizacija ARJÉ iz Španije išče partnerje za sodelovanje na razpisu za Evropske platforme za leto 2015 (razpisni rok: 25. feb. 2015).

ARJÉ is an organisation specialised in cultural promotion and social innovation, with a track record of over 15 years in experimentation.  This philosophy has enabled them to take part in numerous projects ranging from major events (Rock in Rio, Mandela Day and the Religious Music Festival), including the cutting-edge staging of artistic initiatives (the international music fusion project ‘Kristina y el Duende’, with the participation of Spain, Norway and Iceland) and social innovation (vehicles for professional development and coaching to information science students from three universities in Romania), to the creation of empowerment tools (for example, the development of tools and programmes for NOW, EQUAL, Cohesion Funds, etc. initiatives).  Within the cultural framework, ARJÉ has experience on running about 1,800 projects.  Furthermore, it is a benchmark in Madrid, and, hence, currently offers cultural coaching activities to more than 15,000 participants.  

Platfrom for young talents the filed of classic music 

The Project aims at the creation of a working platform to promote young talents in the field of classic music at European and global level.
This Project represents a unique opportunity for young musicians who do not have regularly the opportunity of performing concerts for big audiences as part of their training program.
Thus the project will allow the visibility of these young musicians at a regional level and moreover at a global level through social networks. The results of this process will materialize in the I Young Festival of Classic Music by a selection of young talents participants in this project.
The promotion of these talents will be achieved through the creation of a working network defined by organizations related to the classic music sector, which will be part of the Project consortium.  The working method will be based on the mentoring of young talents by prestigious musicians for the development of technical and creative skills as well as the development of competences for promotion of their artistic works bring them to a wider audience.


Nieves Cabello

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