NNLE Propaganda, Gruzija

6.08.2018, Projekti sodelovanja / Interdisciplinarni projekti
Odgovori do ponedeljek, 1. oktober 2018

NNLE Propaganda is looking for partners for a cooperation project in the fields of visual arts, experimental art, multidisciplinary art, ecology and science. Ideally, partners should have experience in organising exhibitions and managing international residency programmes and have a special interest in developing creative projects focused on ecology. A previous experience in a Creative Europe project is an asset.

Organizacija: NNLE Propaganda

Considering the challenges and the opportunities of the Georgian contemporary cultural scene, a multidisciplinary initiative group established a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation – Propaganda.network in 2014, committed to the development of contemporary (visual) arts. However, since that period and especially from 2017 onwards, organisation’s multidisciplinary profile has resulted in developing the projects which delve into wider cultural contexts.

The objectives of Propaganda.network:
– rising awareness about both intrinsic and extrinsic values of arts;
– engaging international audiences in the Georgian contemporary art scene and facilitating transnational mobility of the artists and creative entrepreneurs;
– supporting interdisciplinary projects amongst the representatives of the arts world and the representatives of other fields;
– providing critical analysis of the current art processes and initiating respective theoretical and practical research projects.


The global tendencies, such as rapid urbanisation and underestimating the long-term effect of protecting natural resources are twice as intense in developing countries, such as Georgia. Through turbulent political post-soviet history, the country has never had a chance to develop a firm green strategy and systemize the political will of sustainable development. Considering the urgency of the matter, Propaganda.network came up with an idea to refer to the power of art and creative thinking in order to highlight the above mentioned issues and contribute to the optimistic development of this crisis scenario.
The goal of the project is to raise awareness about the potential of art, when intervened in wider ecosystem and mixed with natural resources and vice versa, when some of these resources are placed in conventional and/or experimental artistic contexts and in constantly changing urban realities.

Nikoloz Nadirashvili, (research) project manager, E: nnadirashvili@propaganda.network, T: +995 599 33 90 60
Ana Gabelaia, curator, E: agabelaia@propaganda.network, T: +995 599 23 61 60
E: info@propaganda.network, W: www.propaganda.network