Mission Louvre-Lens Tourisme – Pas-de-Calais Tourisme, Francija

15.01.2017, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do nedelja, 1. oktober 2017


Mission Louvre-Lens Tourisme is a tourism-engineering mission. Its goal is to propose a cultural tourism development strategy for the territories surrounding the Louvre-Lens Museum. Mission Louvre-Lens Tourisme works with artists, designers, architects artistic directors…, helping project holders and local stakeholders to create a new international cultural destination: ALL, AROUND LOUVRE-LENS. Around Louvre-Lens is built upon a rich heritage and history, part of which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.


Mission Louvre-Lens Tourism wishes to exchange good practices with similar European destinations with a strong industrial heritage. The aim is a new vision of cultural and industrial tourism for 2018 –European year for Heritage- within the framework of a new European project.

Mission Louvre-Lens Tourisme išče partnerje (projekti sodelovanja manjšega obsega)

Publics Agencies, tourism and culture organizations, public administration, cultural facilities, economic development agencies, territories, regions, professionals unions, trade association.

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Kontakt: Norbert Crozier, directeur Mission Louvre-Lens Tourisme
12 Bis rue de Paris – 62300 LENS
T: +33 (7) 86 95 46 42, E: norbertcrozier@pas-de-calais.com