The Memorial park “Kragujevacki oktobar “, Srbija

26.05.2017, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Kulturna dediščina
Odgovori do sreda, 1. november 2017


The institution of Memorial park „Kragujevacki oktobar“ is one of the leading memorials in the region and Europe,connecting the culture of remembrance, contemporary aesthetic expression and presentation in accordance with the time and so connects history, art and people in promotion of universal anti-war values.
The institution was established in 1953 on the spot with objective to take care of memory on more than 3. 000 citizens of Kragujevac shot by the members of German Army on October 21st 1941 , to cherish the culture of remembrance, and to disseminate the ideas of peace and tolerance as well as respect of diversity.

The Memorial Park is declared to be the immovable cultural heritage of special importance by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in 1978 (Official Gazette No. 14/79).

They would like to participate as a partner organization in any project that deals with performing arts, cultural heritage, visual arts, publishing, antiwar studies, communication, modern art and all type of curator practice. More about the proposal here.

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