Maison de l’architecture & Kurbis, Francija

17.05.2018, Projekti sodelovanja / Arhitektura, oblikovanje in uporabne umetnosti
Odgovori do sobota, 1. september 2018

La Maison de l’architecture and Kurbis, from France, are looking for partners to take part in their project “House of architecture”. The desired profiles of expected partners are universities, architecture and design schools, experimental labs, think-tanks, artistic collectives, local authorities, research labs or museums.


The Maison de l’architecture is a unique space for architectural, urban and landscape research on a regional scale. The organisation hosts and leads projects and actions of mediation in architectural culture, collaboratively with elected officials, building owners, town planners, developers, notaries and lawyers, engineers, builders and industrialists.

Kurbis is a collective of architects, designers and photographers who work in situ to document contemporary living spaces through photography for the benefit of residents and as a consequence offers a medium to decipher the structure of urban space townscape and its influence on the life of citizens.

Projekt “House of architecture”

The “House of architecture” together with Kurbis are developing insights, with a focus on new professional practices around the notion of use to support construction stakeholders in the design of the living spaces of tomorrow.

Formerly the city was built around the specialization of places, where each building was assigned an individual function, however today, housing addresses almost all of these activities, which previously were spread throughout the city. For example, the bedroom serves as a reception area for teenagers, a film can be projected and viewed in a bathroom, the kitchen has become the avatar of the office, sport is done in the living room, the seniors are kept as long as possible at home and soon, fresh products will be directly delivered by customised drones ordered by the refrigerator itself.

The 21st century city operates on a B2P format at many levels and housing is beginning its digital transition towards a connected, multi-functional and evolutionary space. Thinking about the habitat of the future means to think in terms of the resident rather than purely in terms of the built surface. Furthermore, it implies to fully understand its possibilities instead of speculating on its specific location.

To better grasp the nature of this relationship between use and space, this collaborative project aims to question the imagination of people active from the areas of sciences and arts, design and digital, local communities and citizen associations to reveal new ways of life within society’s current and future issues: ecology, mobility, solidarity – in a framework of shared values such as wellbeing and sustainability, sensibility and aesthetics, intimacy and conviviality, accessibility and solidarity.

Kurbis is looking for partners who are already working on projects where user operations build the foundations and are an integral part of the creative process. The objectives are to understand how different professions should obtain user data and equally form a reservoir of creative experiences to integrate models that invent new design tools shared between civil society and professionals from the building industry.

Kontakt: Patricia Laval