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17.07.2017, Projekti sodelovanja (manjši) / Vizualne umetnosti
Odgovori do petek, 1. september 2017


Laterna Magica Nonprofit Kft. was established to create demanding and unique cultural and educational projects in Hungary and abroad as well. Be-sides the attendance of our collection (Hungarian Slide-film Collection), we give a helping hand to cultural and educational institutions to achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. We give a full service that includes the developing of the project plan, the organization, the implementation, and the dissemination of the results. We gladly join any initiation that is eager to spread the common cultural heritage in a fresh and creative way. Established: 1998.

Projekt EPIC

General objectives of the EPIC (European Photography Incubator) project:
– The support of the young European photographers by giving new knowledge at the European level.
– Fostering the mobility of artists and visual artworks in Europe.
– Deepen the knowledge of European citizens about the European intangible cultural assets.
– Building up a European professional photography network, where the long-term cooperation of photographers and public can be realized. Furthermore, this platform will give a boost to their careers with internationalization.
Project activities: workshops, exhibitions, trainings, platform building, communication.

Več o projektu (.pdf).

Laterna Magica Nonprofit Kft. is looking for photography schools/universities, photography/visual museums, photo institutes and NGOs.


Daniel Biro, Laterna Magica Nonprofit Kft.
Budapest, Hungary
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