Labillusions, Grčija

17.01.2020, Projekti sodelovanja / Uprizoritvene umetnosti (gledališče, ples) in glasba
Odgovori do torek, 10. marec 2020
Labillusions is looking for partners, preferably theatre festivals, including street theatre festivals and related (e.g. circus arts) to cooperate in a project entitled “Reflections”.


Labillusions, officially registered in 2014 as an offspring of HELIX Street Theatre founded in 1987, is an evolution of the “Street Theatre Group” and “Magic Theatre”. In Greece the company is considered unique and innovative, both in its own kind and for the research conducted on modern original forms of expression. It has toured all around Greece and collaborated in festivals in many European countries, but also in North Africa, India, and China. It has initiated and organizes annually the International Street Theatre Festival since 2009 and the “suitcase theatre festival” since 2018. Its shows are an intervention in space and time, an attack on the monotony of the city, meeting with its audience in the streets, spontaneously. The audience is part of the schedule of the show, invited through the performance to adopt a non-familiar space and time framework although it totally belongs to it. Labillusions also stages theatre performances, usually on radical, challenging themes.


The project will be entitled “Reflections” and its main objective is to organize a showcase in Greece (probably in the city of Nafplion or Rhodes) to enable companies and individuals to showcase their street theatre art in a variety of open spaces and create contacts and networks with other theatre companies and festivals from West Balkans and EU countries. The project aims to “increase the capacity of cultural and creative industries to operate transnationally and internationally (with special reference to the Western Balkans)” (Priority 1) and “enhance inter-cultural dialogue between artists, cultural operators as well as the general public” (Priority 3). Emphasis will be given to “reflections” among different cultures, which make each culture richer and makes its “shine” wider. All kinds of street performances will be accepted and promoted.

Izkušnje s projekti s podporo programa Ustvarjalna Evropa – kot vodja:
* The European Literary Heritage Meets the Dragon in the Street – HELIDRA
* The KASPAR Machine. Awareness raising and participation in the performing arts for social inclusion – KASPAR

Kontakt: Nikos Chatzipapas (
Yperidou 9, Nea Smyrni, Athens 17124